Who is Joshua Kamara?

And everything there is to know about Aquarius Ink Publishing


Knowledge, newness, and wisdom from a proud Aquarian.


My name is Joshua Kamara and welcome to Aquarius Ink Publishing.

As a patron and practitioner of the arts, I value artistic freedom as a means to inspire others. The actions, literature, music, and discourse of many men and women have ignited me to such great lengths. Within the context of this medium, I value the opportunity to do the same, as it is my wish to enlighten each visitor with my thoughts and words.

I champion the idea that money isn't the only thing that makes the world go round - innovative thinking, compassion, and love are all co-contributors that makes our globe spin. Accordingly, Aquarius Ink isn't solely a self-publishing imprint, but also, a hub for helpful resources to stimulate the mind and illuminate one's path when life has become a dark-dreary maze.

Everything that we do starts within the mind. That said, let's feed our minds with content that will nourish the soul and provoke us to think and produce ideas that will further the greatness of the Human Race.

Warm regards,